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23 Dec

In the Ideal Republic, women don't have to compete murderously with each other and resort to emotional manipulation to outwit men within the family and crack their skulls on an impenetrable glass ceiling at work.Everyone likes easy money, especially when it comes with sex, something which all of us enjoy.Having met so many, I think I now know a bit about these women. All of them have different reasons for reaching out to men like me.This then is an issue on transgression, on Indian women who seek sexual fulfilment in a society that largely denies them that possibility, one that denies choice to women, and by extension, to men too.Perhaps the problem can be traced to the pervasive belief that our culture is a superior one where the present is a fall from a Vedic Utopia.

A few more are willing to seek fulfillment in the area that the Indian woman has been taught to deny everywhere but within the socially-sanctioned sphere of an 'appropriate' marriage, the area of sexual choice.International porn star Sunny Leone now an unlikely Bollywood heroine - her exotic part-Indian status has perhaps helped her cross a bridge that wouldn't exist at all for a desi porn star - talks about the many possibilities of sexual being, while activist Kavita Krishnan contemplates the ways in which media compells women to conform and to deny the existence of pleasure.